Sushila by the Sea
Sushila is an elderly lady, who lives with her family at a beach in Mumbai and works as a kook for another family in a different neighbourhood. She's been working from the age of thirteen. We follow her and observe how she moves along the lines of her various worlds, and how she describes her reality. She explains that she seeks happiness for everyone, in spite of the hardships that she must face. Sushila by the Sea is a film, that explores the ambiguous nature of a life in Mumbai, without loosing track of its proportions.

Cinematographer: Johannes Greisle
Sound: Karl Gerhardt
Editor: Jörg Volkmar
Producer: Amit Chandihok
a Produktion by HFF-Potsdam RBB/ Arte
Comissioning Editor: Christian Von Behr
Director: Reinaldo Pinto Almeida

premiere: May 2015 Dok.Munich - Megaherz Nominee